Pre-Marriage Education

“HAPPILY EVER AFTER – the Marriage Essentials”


You are both in love and want to ensure your commitment will last for life.
You believe your relationship will weather the storms because of the deep love you have for each other, but you are also realistic enough to know that "stuff" happens.
You realise that even with the best of intentions, every marriage relationship will have misunderstandings and disagreements.


Our Pre- Marriage sessions are designed to:

  • extend your knowledge

  • enhance your relationship skills

  • improve your ability to communicate more effectively

  • and provide you both with enough tools to build a really satisfying marriage


“HAPPILY EVER AFTER - the Marriage Essentials" is a one-on-one programme designed for couples about to get married or who have recently been married. The individual nature (no group work) encourages couples to be open and honest with each other. The sessions are very informative and fun.


You will get insights into what is essential to develop and maintain a happy marriage as well as
finding out what will help when things change or become difficult.


Our sessions will provide you the nearest thing to “insurance” for your own “happily ever after”.


This is a basic outline of some of what is covered in the pre-marriage education sessions


1. The Magic of the Wedding Day Experience

  • what every couple should be aware of and look forward to on their wedding day

  • why this day is so special - the most important day of your life


2. Effective Communication

  • what it is and what it isn’t

  • what to do to steadily improve

  • how to avoid doing/saying those things that damage a relationship

  • how to resolve conflict

  • the man / woman difference and how to use it more effectively


3. The transformation from "man and woman" into "husband and wife"

  • what to expect

  • the pain of change

  • the importance of bonding as husband and wife

  • learning how to achieve "...the two shall become one..." - the major goal of marriage


4. The critical part that sex plays in a healthy, dynamic marriage

  • the “why” is more important than the” how”

  • why men and women respond differently to the same sexual cues

  • wants vs needs

  • developing intimacy


5. The Wedding Ceremony

  • why this part of your wedding day is so important

  • more than just inspiring words

  • what you are actually committing to when you say “I do”

  • choosing the right wedding vows - the most important words spoken on your wedding day    

  • what happens to you when your minister/celebrant says : “I now pronounce you husband and wife”

  • building expectation and excitement for the REAL EXPERIENCE - not the HYPE