Post-Marriage Councelling

...after every wedding, comes a marriage.”


When we prepare couples for marriage, two of the most important things we highlight are the diligent pursuit of (1) the immediate goal and (2) the long-term goal of marriage.


The first is the most important, because until a couple achieves this goal, the second is impossible to reach.


And what are those 2 goals?

  1. to bond as husband and wife and

  2. to achieve “...and the two shall become one...”


Our Pre-Marriage Course of instruction helps prepare each couple for some of the realities they will face after the emotion of the wedding day fades away.


Every person is unique and so too is their marriage relationship. We let each couple know that they will need to travel their own journey. We let them know that the preparation they have undertaken will help them through most of the challenges they will face, especially in the achievement of the first goal, bonding as husband and wife.


But the Pre-Marriage Course only covers a small part of what every couple needs to know and apply, to be able to achieve a long-lasting, mutually satisfying, marriage relationship. This is where our Post-Marriage Courses come into play.


Post-Marriage Courses


Our courses focus on many facets of building a good marriage relationship. We cover a wide range of issues including money, sex, children, roles, responsibilities, needs, wants, desires, and handling conflict. We also talk a lot about communication and how to establish great communication skills with each other early on.


We have found that Post-Marriage Courses are to a marriage what a maintenance schedule is to a car – a little on a regular basis enables early detection of problems and ensures a long history of good motoring.