Marriage Counselling

Patti and I have been married for over 43 years and have been working with singles, engaged and married couples for close to 20 years.


Many of those couples have discovered the "magic" in their own marriage and gone on to develop really satisfying husband and wife relationships.

Marriage counselling is a problem detection or problem solving system. It should be sought early and more regularly by married couples who haven't the skills or time to solve their own problems.


What Makes a Good Marriage Counsellor?


I believe that a good marriage counsellor will help you not only avoid the disaster of divorce but also helps you break through to the next and better level of marriage.


From research we have done over the last 19 years, the most effective marriage counsellors appear to have the following characteristics:

  1. They believe in and understand the principles of building a dynamic marriage - they have the knowledge

  2. They have successful and stable marriages themselves - they have the experience

  3. They have been married longer than 10 years - they understand the challenges of change


Don’t Leave It Too Late!


Often seen as something negative, marriage counselling is often used as a last desperate attempt to save a failing marriage relationship. In many cases, couples are already considering divorce.


Most couples who seek marriage counselling have allowed their relationship to deteriorate so badly before seeking help that, when faced with the reality of what it would take to fix their marriage, divorce is seen as the easiest and least painful option.


We believe that if more married couples sought good marriage counselling sooner rather than later, we would see a lot more of them enjoying the benefits of a dynamic, exciting and fulfilling marriage.


Marriages Made In Heaven offers marriage counselling on the Gold Coast. If you would like some help or need to make an appointment please email me or call 0423 77 22 12.