Christenings, Dedications & Baby Namings

Looking to organise a special baby dedication or naming ceremony for your child?


It’s a wonderful opportunity to celebrate a new life in your family, recognise their uniqueness and highlight the important roles of parents and extended family in caring for your child in the years to come.


As a Gold Coast Celebrant and ordained minister I am able to conduct your Christening, Baby Dedication or Naming Ceremony anywhere suitable for you including your home, a local park or function centre. You can then relax and enjoy food, drinks and celebration afterward - saving time, money and the inconvenience of changing venues.


If you choose a Christening, your child will be christened into the Christian faith, not into any specific denomination and as parents you will receive a Certificate of Christening. I also provide you with Certificates of Recognition for the God-parents and extra copies of the ceremony to give to the grandparents.


To discuss your needs and find out more please call me on 0423 77 22 12.


Naming & Celebrating Your Child… Why?


For all of mankind, having a name brings identity and significance. Choosing a name for a child is one of the important roles a parent fulfills. A name carries power and meaning, and bestows upon a person a deep sense of connection, not just with their name, but also with the world around them.


The rituals of Christenings, Baby Dedications and Baby Naming Ceremonies are becoming increasingly popular. More parents are gaining a deeper understanding of the value of proclaiming to the world the name they have carefully and lovingly chosen for their child.


What is the Difference Between the Ceremonies?


The most common question parents ask me is "What is the difference between a Christening, a Dedication and a Baby Naming Ceremony?” All three have a deep natural significance for a child. The basic difference is spiritual.


A Naming Ceremony

The parents commit to raising their child according to their own agreed values and any Celebrant, Civil or Religious, can conduct the ceremony for you. There is usually no reference to God or any other significant spiritual being.


A Baby Dedication Ceremony

is a naming ceremony where the parents officially dedicate their child into the care of God or another significant spiritual being and commit to raising their child according to some form of spiritual values (usually Christian). Any Celebrant, Civil or Religious, can conduct the ceremony, although a Religious Celebrant would probably bring more spiritual significance to the occasion.


A Christening Ceremony

is a Christian dedication ceremony where the parents make a deep commitment to the raising of their child according to recognised Christian principles as found in the Bible. This ceremony can only be carried out by an officially ordained minister of a recognised Christian denomination or religion. Most Christenings occur in churches; only by the minister of that particular church; and the child is Christened into that particular faith or religion, e.g. Anglican or Catholic.


The Role of God-Parents


The role of the God-parent has not been made particularly clear. The common definition of a God-parent is – a responsible adult friend of the parents who would be prepared to aid the parents in the raising of their child, should the parents require help, or to even take over the raising of the child if the parents die.


The original purpose of a God-parent was all of the above but extended to their role of having a strong Christian influence upon their God-child.


Whatever the definition the parents give the role, it is important that both the parents and the person accepting the role, understand the deep commitment involved and take the associated responsibilities very seriously.


Marriages Made In Heaven is an independent ministry, and as an ordained minister through the Dream Centre Christian Church, I am able to conduct your Christening, Baby Dedication or Baby Naming Ceremony for you.


I would be honoured to be part of this significant day for your son or daughter.

For any other information you may require, please contact me or call 0423 77 22 12.